Bulgaria Air offers different flight tariffs. Airfares vary depending on the aircraft occupancy rate, the lead time between the trip and the reservation date and the duration of stay. Airport and other charges are to be added to the airfares quoted. The ticket prices of Bulgaria Air domestic flights to Varna and Bourgas include 20% VAT.

One of the major advantages of Bulgaria Air in comparison to many other carriers is that you may book a ticket by telephone, personally in any of the offices of Bulgaria Air, in the offices of Central Cooperative Bank or with your travel agent, with no requirement for immediate purchase of your ticket. The advance reservation is a service at no extra cost.

After the booking of your ticket a deadline for purchasing it will be specified, depending on the chosen airfare, and you will receive a unique code, identifying your reservation. If you fail to purchase the ticket within the indicated deadline, your reservation will be automatically cancelled. When renewing it, we might not be in a position to offer you the same airfare. You may check and print out your reservation here at any time.

If you wish to book and purchase your ticket at the same time, you can do this online and pay no later than 24 hours before your flight by one of the following options:

  • by debit card registered in Epay;
  • by credit card Visa or Master card.

Your card will be charged in Bulgarian Leva (BGN). If your card is issued in foreign currency, you may be charged an additional fee for currency exchange.



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You can choose and pay your ticket at the offices of Central Cooperative Bank.

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