How can I join the programme? 


How and when are the points credited to my account? - The points are credited to your account within 7 days after the flight on the relevant segment. For this purpose the card number must be entered in the reservation or at the 'check-in' counters at the airport;

Are points credited for previous flights? - Yes, the flights must be not more than 6 months before the date of claiming the points.

How many points can I get for one segment? - Points are calculated on the basis of the ticket price. You can get for one segment on an international flight in economy class between 80 and 1,500 points. More information about collecting points is available in the section 'Points system';

In what case there are no points credited to the account? - Points are not credited for flights and other services with which the passenger has participated in programmes of other aviation companies, charter flights, free tickets, tickets with other types of discounts and tickets at some promotional fares. If Bulgaria Air is a partner on a flight, regardless of the operator of the given flight, you will earn points only if the flight has been entered in your ticket using the code of Bulgaria Air - FB, and the ticket number starts with the digits 623.  

What is the period of validity of points? - Points are valid for 3 years as from the date of the flight.

Where should I fill in the card number? - The card number should be indicated upon purchase of the ticket or upon check-in at the airport. If the ticket is purchased online, there is a special field 'frequent flyer number' in the section for personal data. If you decide to fill in the card number before the flight, you should advise the staff at the 'check-in' counter at the airport.

How many persons can use the card? - The card is personal and only the card holder may use it and collect points for flights.

What can I use the points for? - Points can be exchanged for bonus ticket, upgrade of reservation class from economy to business for flights of Bulgaria Air only.

Who issues bonus tickets and how can I make a reservation? Bonus tickets are issued by Bulgaria Air only. The reservation for a bonus ticket should be made not less than 7 days before the desired date of travel, by sending an e-mail with the card number, destination and dates, to

What are the prohibited periods for issue of bonus tickets? Bonus tickets may not be used during the following periods (“blackout dates”):

Winter season: As from 15 December to 15 January – all destinations.

Summer period: As from 01 July to 10 September – all destinations.

How can I use the booking upgrade from economy class to business class? – With a ticked purchased as flexible or semi flexible class – the upgrade from economy class to business class can be done 24 hours before the flight by sending an e-mail with the card number, ticket number and the segment to be upgraded, to

What classes are not subject to Upgrade? Upgrade of the booking class from economy class to business class is not allowed for code-shared flights operated by other aviation companies. As well as for tickets issued in the following classes: promotional fares (economy class promotional, economy class saver) in O,U,W,Y,P,A class; fares under special contracts with other aviation companies in T,B,A,Q class; youth and group reservations and individual tourist travel in V,G,E class.

Can I use concurrently two cards under two different programmes for frequent flyers? No. You have to chose under which programme you want the points to be credited, e.g. to the CCB Club or the FLY MORE frequent flyers programme.

How can I use a birthday voucher? - To use a birthday voucher you need to send the number of a Fly More card, dates and destinations of your desired trip with Bulgaria Air, to