Bulgaria Air enjoys the reputation of a reliable partner in organizing and performing ad-hoc charter flights, charter chains and providing short and long-term lease (ACMI) and dry lease in many countries all over the world.

Charter flights

The company serves over 60 leading tour operators, air transportation brokers, other airlines and other companies of the aviation and tourist industries. Charter flights are performed to over 80 destinations in Europe and Africa, and more than 200 000 passengers are carried annually under charter programmes.

The team of Bulgaria Air guarantees customers of charter flights high standards of service by offering:

  • Analysis of requests and professional consultation concerning their most effective fulfilment;
  • Providing a wide selection of aircraft types of capacity from 106 to 180 seats with a view of achieving an optimal price/quality ratio;
  • Providing a range of additional on-board services to meet entirely the needs of the customers;
  • Drawing up of offers for ad hoc charter operations within 24 hours;
  • Provide all documents and permits required for the flights;
  • Full assistance in case of problems at any stage of the flight.

Wet Lease (ACMI)

Bulgaria Air has many years of experience in wet lease of aircraft (ACMI).

In recent years, the airline continued its successful partnerships with leading airlines in Turkey, Thailand, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc.

Bulgaria Air covers high operation standards and holds all required documents:

  • Member of IATA;
  • IOSA certification;
  • Operations in compliance with European security regulations and standards;
  • The aircraft fleet comprises aircraft with various capacity from 108 to 180 seats.

For more details and further information, please read the presentation of our charter operations and the types of aircraft offered for wet lease.

You can submit your request by contacting the team of Bulgaria Air by e-mail: charter@air.bg or by telephone: +359 2 40 20 309


Full assistance in case of problems at any stage of the flight.


Book car and travel comfortably during their stay.
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You can choose and pay your ticket at the offices of Central Cooperative Bank.

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Take advantage of our special offers for ad-hoc charter flights, charter chains, wet and dry lease.

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