Online check-in

What is Online check-in? 

Online Check-in is a fast and convenient way to register for your flight and personally select your seat on board via internet. Check-in for your flight at a time and place of your convenience, avoiding waiting time at the airport. Print your Board Pass and be at the airport not later than 40 min. prior to departure (if travelling without baggage).

This service is part of the strategy of Bulgaria Air to offer high quality service for the comfort of our passengers.

If you want to do an Online check-in, please click here.

From which airports does Bulgaria Air offer Online check-in? 

The service is available for flights operated by Bulgaria Air from airports in: Sofia, Varna, Bourgas, London, Zurich, Rome, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt,  Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Larnaca, Athens,Prague and Madrid.

If online check-in is not available at the place of departure, you must show up at the check-in desk and present only your travel document (passport or identity document).

When can I check-in online?

Your flight should be open for online check-in 24 hours before take-off and should be closed 1 hour (60 minutes) before the scheduled take-off.

Who cannot check-in online?

  • All passengers who have requested in their booking need for assistance at take-off and landing and who use wheelchairs;
  • Minors from 5 to 12 years of age travelling alone without escort;
  • Passengers carrying arms and ammunition;
  • Groups of more than 9 persons;
  • Passengers with pets (in the cabin or in the baggage hold of the aircraft);
  • Passengers with additional seat for carriage of big musical instruments.

Is it possible to check online with baggage?

  • The service is available to passengers with or without baggage.
  • In the case of travel with baggage it must be delivered for labelling and registration at the business class counter (Drop off) at the relevant airport. You may do this not later than 1 hour prior to the scheduled take-off of the aircraft. If you travel with cabin baggage only or without baggage you should go directly to border control and the gate for boarding the aircraft, not later than 40 minutes before the scheduled take-off of the flight.

Should I present documents for checking?

If you travel to a country with visa requirements, upon arrival at the airport you must go to the Drop off counter for documents and visa checking before border control.

Why can’t I print my boarding pass?

If you missed the ‘Print’ button, you must go back to ‘Identification’ using the ‘Select change’ and ‘Print again’ buttons consecutively, and you will get your boarding pass. If you don’t want to print your boarding pass upon check-in you can print it any time but not later than 2 hours before the flight, following the same steps for check-in. If you have no access to printer you may get your boarding pass at the airport at the Business class counter (Drop off).

Why can’t I print the boarding pass for the second flight of my trip?

In the case of a second flight with any of our partners the boarding pass for that flight can be obtained at the airport at the Business class counter (Drop off).

Can I change my seat after online check-in?

After online check-in any change of seat is only possible at the airport at the Business class counter (Drop off) before your flight.

What should you do if you checked-in online, but you are not going to travel?

If after the online check-in you are not going to travel, you must contact as soon as possible the Customer Service Centre at telephone +359 2 40 20 400 or by e-mail

At what time before the flight should I go to the airport?

If you have used our free online check-in service and are not traveling with checked baggage, you must report to the exit to the plane no later than 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

All passengers departing from Sofia Airport must be informed that due to heavy traffic at Sofia Airport it is necessary to allow sufficient time to pass through the checkpoints and border area. Check-in at the airport must be no later than 2 hours before the flight schedule.

How many passengers may be checked-in online together?

The Online check-in service is available for groups of not more than 9 persons.

What should I do if I lose my boarding pass?

You may print your boarding pass again or get a new one at the Business class counter (Drop off) at the airport.

Is it possible to check-in online when travelling with a baby?

Yes, it is possible. If the selected seats are not suitable for travelling with a baby, they can be changed at the Business class counter (Drop off) at the airport.

Can I check-in online at the time of booking?

This is not possible. The online check-in is available 24 hours before take-off and should be closed 2 hours before the scheduled take-off.

Is this service available for flights that are not operated by Bulgaria Air?

No, it is not.

For further questions about the online check-in service you may contact the Customers Service Centre of Bulgaria Air: Tel.:          +359 2 40 20 400 E-mail: Working hours: daily from 08:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs.

Upgrade to business class to be perfect

Bulgaria Air gives you the opportunity to increase the comfort of your trip, owing to the UPGRADE to the business class service.

What are the benefits of the business class through the UPGRADE service?

By choosing it, you get:

  • priority check-in and boarding
  • an additional 1 piece of checked-in baggage
  • access to airport business lounges
  • comfort and convenience
  • 4-course menu *
  • more scores in our our frequent flyer program FLY MORE

* If the service was purchased at airport just before flight, business class catering is not guaranteed.

The Upgrade fee is:

  • 80 EUR in direction for domestic flights
  • 150 EUR in direction for all international flights**

UPGRADE can be purchased from 24 hours to 40 minutes before scheduled departure in case of availability:

  • through our Customer Service Center at e-mail - working hours: every day from 08:00 to 20:00h local time in Bulgaria
  • in any office of Bulgaria Air
  • through the ticket issuer
  • at the airport before the flight

**The fee from Tel Aviv is in USD, from London in GBP, from Zurich in CHF.


Important clarifications:

  • The service is applicable to all direct flights of Bulgaria Air and is not available for flight numbers FB 1000-1999.
  • In case of a connecting flight, the baggage permit of the other carrier must be checked and observed with.
  • Please note that if the service was purchased just before the flight, catering for the business class is not guaranteed. We advise you to request UPGRADE at least 2 hours before the departure from Sofia in order to enjoy it as part of all the benefits of the service.


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