Attention Updated: How does Bulgaria Air take care of the passengers affected by the cancellations and changes due to the COVID-19?

Safety Measures

The national carrier Bulgaria Air operates in accordance with all recommendations of the health authorities, and the introduced measures fully comply with the announced recommendations of the European Union. The airline has established the necessary organization to provide a distance of 1.5 meters between passengers. For times when this is not possible, the EU recommends that passengers wash their hands more often. For this purpose, hot water, soap and disinfectants are provided on board.


Wearing masks during Bulgaria Air flights is mandatory.


Offering a safe and comfortable flight has always been the number one task and priority of the national carrier Bulgaria Air. That is why the airline has introduced special measures to ensure a safe flight for all passengers.


With prevention in mind, everyone on board Bulgaria Air flights must wear personal protective mask at all times. As of 18.03. on flights operated by the National Carrier, only bottled mineral water is provided.


The cabin crews of the national carrier must be serving the passengers, wearing sanitary gloves. The pilot also wears protective masks and gloves, although he has no direct contact with the passengers. In addition, the airline's cabin crews are aware of all the recommendations of the World Health and International Aviation Authorities and are specially trained to act if a case of coronavirus COVID-19 is detected on board.


The hygienic requirements for cleaning the planes are even stronger. Before and after each flight, the passenger compartment and toilets are cleaned very thoroughly with special detergents. Hot water, soap and disinfectants are provided in the toilets of the airline's aircraft. Air quality in the aircraft is guaranteed by special HEPA filtration systems, which ensure constant circulation of heat-treated air to over 200 degrees, limiting the possible spread of any contamination by air.


Amid the current coronavirus situation, touching various surfaces in public places is not recommended, so online check-in is available for all passengers resulting in quick and convenient check-in process.


The national carrier has reduced some of its flights to countries with travel restrictions, continuing to operate to most of its destinations to enable Bulgarians caught in the pandemic abroad to return safely to their homeland.


Bulgaria Air appeals and welcomes all measures taken by the authorities to prevent the spread of coronavirus and calls on passengers to be responsible for their own health and the health of their loved ones and to travel only when necessary. For all of them, the airline has taken all possible measures to ensure a safe and comfortable flight.

 Here you can find up-to-date information about the possibilities or the introduced requirements for travel to the destinations with direct flights of Bulgaria Air.

  • Important information for travelers to Belgium

    All passengers on the Sofia-Brussels route must fill in a declaration before their flight

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  • Important information for travelers to Austria

    The full text can be found here.

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  • The quarantine was canceled when traveling to Italy

    As of 22 September 2020, the requirement for quarantine of those arriving from Bulgaria to Italy is cancelled

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  • Important information for all travelling to/from Spain

    Everyone traveling to Spain is required to fill out an electronic declaration and provide a QR code.

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  • New requirements for bulgarians who travel to Greece

    Тhose travelling from Bulgaria to Greece must submit a negative PCR test for coronavirus, performed no later than 72 hours before the flight.

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  • Information for all travelers to/from Madrid

    Our flights are operated to/from Terminal 4S at Barajas Airport.

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  • Updated: Important information for all travelling to Cyprus

    Learn more about the measures for prevention of the spread of COVID-19, taken by the government of the Republic of Cyprus.

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  • Learn more about the requirements for workers to enter the Czech Republic

    The Czech authorities have introduced a requirement for a negative PCR test for coronavirus performed after arrival in the country.

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Amidst the rapid spread of Covid-19 , Bulgaria Air takes maximum care of each of its passengers, and in addition to the flawless disinfection and purification of 99.98% of the air on board through HEPA filters, the airline provides a number of flexible options for carrying out your planned trip. Here you can get a readon them, and in case of any additional questions or need for assistance, please contact the ticket issuer. For tickets purchased through the Airline's website or through the Bulgaria Air mobile app - to the Customer Service Center - due to the high number of calls, it will be best if you get in touch with us on


In case your flight has been canceled by the аirline

For all passengers with canceled flights, the airline offers various options to reschedule and execute their trip. All they need to do is inform us of their decision no later than 24 hours prior to their original (canceled) flight by contacting the ticket issuer.


The airline offers:


• Leaving the ticket with open travel dates for use at any direct Bulgaria Air flights. The ticket must be reissued within its validity period (one year from the date of issue), but the trip may be until the end of 2021;


The client can also take advantage of the following bonuses to his ticket completely free of charge:


 One of the following optional services:


- 1 piece of checked luggage up to 23 kg.

- Choice of a seat with more space

- Transportation of a pet

- Transportation of an unaccompanied child


• If the passenger wishes to travel accompanied by another, we guarantee that the second ticket will be issued at the same value as the original ticket on the canceled flight.


• At the client's request it is possible to change the name (ticket transfer)

The listed bonuses are valid only for flights operated by Bulgaria Air.

• In case the provided options are not applicable for you, you get your ticket refunded. HERE you can get familiar with your passenger rights.


If the flight has not been canceled by the airline


All passengers with flights operated by Bulgaria Air until 30.09.2020, who would like to postpone their trip, will be able to take advantage of the options listed below only if they inform the ticket issuer about their decision, no later than 24 hours prior to take-off.


The airline offers:


• Using the tickets for future travel. The ticket must be reissued within its validity period (one year from the date of issue), but the trip may be until the end of 2021;


• A date change will be made without a change fee. There may be a surcharge up to a higher rate when making the change.


If desired by the passenger we can also offer:


• Using the tickets on another direct destination operated by Bulgaria Air

 Change the name of an existing ticket – e.g. transferring the ticket to a loved one.


These changes are subject to an additional charge.


Passengers who have not notified their decision to cancel their trip within 24 hours before the departure of their flight will be considered as not having arrived on the respective flight. Changes in tickets of non-reported passengers will be made under the terms of the purchased ticket.