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Address: Kloten Airport, Kloten, Switzerland

Flight schedule to Zurich

Zurich is located in the central part of the Alpine country, on the northwestern shore of Lake Zurich. The city is Switzerland's most important financial and commercial center, as well as one of the country's well-developed tourist destinations.

Start your walk from the historic center of Zurich - the Linderhof hill, located by the river Limat, see the outstanding Grossmünster Cathedral and the wonderful view that opens from it over the city. A few more churches will impress you with their beauty, the stained glass in the Fraumünster church, which is the oldest in Zurich, being particularly interesting. Also visit the Küburg Castle, walk along the old narrow street Augustinergasse, where many multi-colored buildings are located. If you're in the mood for museums and galleries – you'll find plenty, starting with the National Museum and the Kunsthaus Gallery. Another interesting landmark in Zurich is the zoo, where the Rainforest Project presents a replica of the Masoala jungle in Madagascar.

A curious fact about the city is that in Zurich there are over 1,200 fountains from which crystal clear mountain water flows - you can safely drink from it. Zurich is also popular for its lake of the same name – although it extends over a whole 88.66 square km, history remembers quite a few moments when it froze. However, when the weather allows it, it is also perfect for the beach.

Just five kilometers from the city is the Lind chocolate factory - we're sure you won't miss it. The company store there offers a wide variety of amazing chocolate at affordable prices.

The city of crystal waters, apart from its sophisticated spirit and beautiful bell towers, will also impress you with its modern and active social life. Among the ancient buildings, cute squares and interesting sculptures, great restaurants, bars and clubs await you everywhere, and the iconic theater, film and music festivals make the city even more exciting in the summer.


Official language: German, French, Italian

Official currency: Swiss franc (CHF)

Time zone: GMT +1

Transport: Airline "Bulgaria Air" offers plane tickets for direct flights to Zurich, to Kloten Airport - the largest international airport in Switzerland. It is located 13 km from the city center. Public transport includes S-bahn (local trains), trams and buses. The public transport network also includes boats on Lake Zurich and the River Limat.

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