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Tel Aviv

Address: TLV, Israel

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Tel Aviv is a colorful, exciting and dynamic city. It is very young, only 100 years old, and it is already part of the UNESCO world heritage, and for good reason. The city is an important cultural, educational and architectural center, with the largest business buildings and commercial establishments in Israel. On the territory of Tel Aviv is also the ancient port city of Yafo, one of the oldest cities in the Middle East, which will immerse you in cultural heritage. From the hill on which Jaffa is located, there is an impressive view of the beaches of Tel Aviv.

Other exciting sights here include Rabin Square, the 238-meter Azrieli Tower, the Carmel Market, Tel Aviv's art scene and numerous galleries and museums, and the city is also home to the Israel Philharmonic. The best way to experience the Mediterranean spirit of Tel Aviv is to spend the day on the beach. The beaches here are a favorite of locals and tourists alike, yet they are exceptionally clean and beautiful, with even a dedicated beach for dogs. Tel Aviv is also a paradise for all hummus lovers - here you can taste the tastiest hummus of your life!

If you visit the city in June, you might witness the annual Sail Tel Aviv. The event lasts for several days, during which you can enjoy all kinds of beach and sea activities, accompanied by music, delicious food and a wonderful atmosphere.


Official language:Hebrew and Arabic

Official currency: new shekel (ILS)

Time zone: GMT +2

Transport: Bulgaria Air offers direct flights to Tel Aviv, to Ben Gurion International Airport, which is located near the highway connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The best way to get around the city is by bus.

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