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Address: Larnaca International Airport, Larnaca, Cyprus

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Larnaca (Λάρνακα), the third largest city in Cyprus, combines a rich historical past with a relaxed resort spirit. Over the centuries, the city was ruled by the Achaeans, Persians, Byzantines, Romans, Ottomans and British. All of them have left their mark and turned Larnaca into a true historical treasure.

One of the most valuable sights here is the Church of Saint Lazarus, dedicated to Lazarus, the patron saint of Larnaca, and built in the 9th century on the saint's tomb. Today, this church is one of the most important preserved monuments from early Byzantium. Speaking of temples, we cannot fail to mention that here is the third most important place for Muslims after Mecca and Medina, namely Hala Sultan Teke. The temple is built on top of a fallen meteorite and is said to have healing powers.

The Larnaca Salt Lake is also worth seeing, especially in winter when it temporarily becomes home to the pink flamingo.

We must also mention the sunken ship Zenobia, near which an underwater museum of amphorae has been created. The remains of the seabed are an attraction for diving fans, but they are also suitable for almost all other visitors who do not have diving equipment - the underwater park can only be explored with a snorkel.

Also explore the medieval castle in Larnaca. In it you will find a small museum with interesting exhibits from the past of Cyprus.

An interesting fact is that in Larnaca the weather is sunny for an average of 330 days a year, and the average annual temperature is 26.1°C, so – plan your vacation boldly! In addition, the sunny resort has cozy taverns and restaurants where you can try delicious local food.


Official language: Greek and Turkish

Official currency: euro (EUR)

Time zone: GMT +2

Transport: The airline "Bulgaria Air" offers cheap plane tickets for direct flights to Larnaca International Airport - the largest on the island of Cyprus. Getting to and from the city is done by bus.

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