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Address: Nikola Tesla Airport, Belgrade

Flight schedule to Belgrade

Belgradeis the capital and largest city in Serbia, located at the confluence of the Sava River with the Danube. In addition to being the university, scientific, cultural and economic center of the country, Belgrade is also a very beautiful and modern city that attracts guests with its history, liveliness and bohemian spirit.

You can start exploring it from Kalemegdan Park and the Belgrade Fortress – once an important fortification, and today a park with particularly beautiful views at sunset. Be sure to see the famous Pobednik statue, as well as the confluence of the Sava and the Danube. Great for a walk and to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Belgrade are Republika Square – here are the National Theater and the National Museum, the pedestrian Knez Mihailova street, the legendary Skadarlia street - a symbol of the bohemian Old Belgrade, again pedestrian, full of cafes and restaurants frequented over the years by iconic figures such as Alfred Hitchcock. On Kralya Milan" street you will find the Old Palace, the White Palace and the New Palace, today administrative buildings, and in the historical district "Gardoš" you will get lost among charming churches, old houses and restaurants and enjoy views of Sava and Belgrade. Other interesting sights are the Tesla Museum, where all the scientist's belongings are stored, the largest Serbian Orthodox Church "St. Sava", the Avala Tower.

As for entertainment, Belgrade is rich in them. From the floating cafes and bars that never sleep (at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers) to the summer resort area of Ada Ciganlija – a peninsula with a 7 km long beach – which looks like a separate city and is a perfect place for beach, sports or cocktails. It is a curious fact that the first disco in the Balkans opened its doors in Belgrade in 1967. A good idea for the summer is to visit the BELEF arts festival as well as the Belgrade Boat Carnival.


Official language: Serbian

Official currency: Dinar (RSD)

Time zone: GMT +1

Transport: Bulgaria Air offers direct flights to Belgrade. From the airport to the city center you can travel by bus in about 30 minutes or by taxi in about 15 minutes.

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