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Athens International Airport

Address: Attiki Odos, Spata Artemida, 190 04, Greece


Phone: +30 21 0353 0000

Flight schedule to Athens

Athens is not just the capital of Greece. It is the birthplace of democracy, philosophy and the cradle of European civilization. The city is named after the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom. According to mythology, Athena Pallas and Poseidon entered into a contest over who would be the patron of the city. Each of them had to create a gift for its inhabitants. Athena won with her olive tree, symbolizing peace and prosperity.

The sights in the Greek capital are extremely numerous - set aside at least two days for a short and exciting excursion or if you have decided to visit the city as part of your holiday in Greece. The Acropolis in Athens is the most famous in the world, and its most iconic building is the Parthenon. A little below it is the Theater of Dionysus, considered the oldest in the world. The Temple of Zeus, the Olympion, the Agora and the Erechtheion await you - the other must-see sights from the Acropolis. At its foot lies Plaka, also called the "Quarter of the Gods". It is believed to have had a permanent population for around 3,000 years, making it one of the oldest neighborhoods in the world. To the long list of iconic historical landmarks we will add Hadrian's Arch, Syntagma Square, the Roman Forum and the Byzantine Museum.

A curious fact about the Greek capital is that there are over 100 museums and galleries in Athens alone. Greece is also the country with the largest number of archaeological museums in the whole world.

And if you visit Athens between August and October, you will have the opportunity to witness the Athens Cultural Festival and the Greek Dance Festival.


Official language:Greek

Official currency:euro (EUR)

Time zone: GMT +2

Transport: Airline "Bulgaria Air" offers plane tickets for direct flights to Athens. To get from Athens International Airport to the city center and back, 24-hour express buses and the city metro are at your disposal.

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