FLY MORE YOUTH enables anyone between the ages of 12 and 26 who has traveled with a youth fare* ticket on a flight operated by Bulgaria Air to claim their youth card to our loyalty program.

The FLY MORE YOUTH program offers the following services and bonuses:

• Accumulation of points on Bulgaria Air flights that can be exchanged for bonus tickets and other additional services

• Voucher for -25% discount on the net fare of a birthday ticket

• When registering, you can add the names of up to 4 relatives (relatives and friends) to visit you with a 20% discount on the net price of the fare* on your ticket for flights operated by "Bulgaria Air"**


When traveling with a youth fare ticket and:

• 1 change of date without charge***

• Two checked bags up to 23 kg each


Validity: The card is valid until the age of 27. After the validity of the card has expired, please contact us so that we can issue you a standard loyalty card, and the accumulated bonuses and points from the youth program will be transferred by us directly to the new loyalty card.

Registration: You can join our Fly More YOUTH program by filling out the following form and sending it to us by e-mail at

Important clarification: If you already have another membership card in our loyalty program and/or you have flown with Bulgaria Air in the last 6 months, please contact us at We will transfer the points accumulated up to date.

*Tickets for youth fares can be purchased online at, as well as through the Customer Service Center, the airline's offices in the country and abroad, and through the agent network. The discount for relatives and friends of the cardholder is calculated from the value of the fare after subtracting airport, fuel and other due fees from the final price of the ticket.

**Passengers who will benefit from the discount (relatives, friends) can do so through the Customer Service Center or any of the airline's offices in the country or abroad. They need to provide a scanned FlyMore YOUTH card and appear on the list of companions indicated by the cardholder, and the cardholder, in turn, must take advantage of our youth rates at least once a year.

***When changing the date, in case there is no youth fare available on the newly selected flight, the difference to the next available fare is payable.