Instagram game Terms and Conditions

11 December 2023


  1. Organiser

BULGARIA AIR AD, entered into the Commercial Register to the Registry Agency with management address: Sofia, Stolichna Municipality, Slatina District, Sofia Airport, UIC 000633828, represented by Radoslav Zlatkov – Executive Director, and Bistra Marinkova – Procurator.


  1. Terms of participation

Every person who is a registered user of Instagram can participate in the game.

The participation in the game does not require any purchase of a product or entering into contract for any service;

In order to participate in the game, the user should be at least 18 years old;

Employees of BULGARIA AIR AD or employees of related companies for the purposes of this campaign, are not allowed to participate in the game.


  1. Game mechanism

The game shall take place under a post (dynamic vision/video) published on the official Instagram page of Bulgaria Air;

In order to participate in the campaign, the participants shall grant consent for their Instagram Platform data recording and processing, including:

- Name and surname;

- Registered email address;

- Instagram ID;

- Location;

- Age;

Only one participation in the game, which complies with the terms and conditions, shall be considered as valid for each participant.

In order to take part in the competition for a prize, entrants should meet the following:

            - Be of age between 18-29;

            - To follow the Instagram page of the airline;

            - To tag another user who could also participate in the selection in a comment;

            - To include the hashtag #BulgariaAir21 in their comment;

The game shall take place in the period 11.12.2023 – 31.12.2023. On 02.01.2024, 21 (twenty-one) winners and 63 (sixty-three) substitutes shall be selected between all the participants who posted comments under the publication. Each winner shall receive 1 pcs. of return ticket.

            - After complying with all the requirements described above, a participant shall be considered as registered for participation in the game.

            - A participant who does not meet one or more of the requirements described above, or whose comment expresses false or irrelevant content, shall not be considered as registered for participation in the game.


  1. Prize:

The prizes for the selected winning participants shall be twenty-one return tickets with payable airport and fuel taxes, completely covered by Bulgaria Air.


  1. Determining the winners and receiving the prizes

21 winners shall be selected from the database of participants who comply with the requirements under item 3 of these Terms and Conditions;

The winners shall be drawn on 02.01.2024 and shall receive a message from the Instagram page of Bulgaria Air the same day;

The winners must send, not later than 24 hours from the announcement, valid contact details in a personal message to the Instagram page of Bulgaria Air, including:

            - ID document;

            - Valid email address;

            - Valid phone number;

The prize shall be available for 6 months. The winners may send chosen dates and destination for the flight in a personal message to the official Instagram page of Bulgaria Air or by email to, starting from the date of receiving the prize, and the trip should take place within the period of validity – until 02.07.2024.

The Organiser shall contact the winner on the contact details for receiving the prize within 5 (five) working days;

If the Organiser is not able to get in touch with the winner within 5 working days after the announcement (and does not receive an answer by email and/or is not able to speak over the phone), the winner loses the right to receive the prize and the Organiser can give the prize to a drawn substitute;

The Organiser shall not be held responsible in the event that a user has given invalid contact details, incomplete or incorrect email address, wrong name or a non-existing or deactivated Instagram account;

The prize is personal and cannot be exchanged for its monetary equivalent, or transferred to a third person.

Validity: The prize can be used from the moment of winning within the 6 (six) following months.


  1. Eligibility

Participants shall not be eligible for participation in the selection of the winners, if:

            - They use unfair methods, techniques or a software to manipulate the participation and the results of the selection;

            - They do not comply with any of the requirements of these Terms and Conditions;

            - They use irregular, unauthorised or duplicate Instagram accounts;

            - Employees of the airline or persons who are related to the airline.


  1. Limited liability

The Organiser shall not be held responsible for: incorrect or misleading names of Instagram users; duplicate Instagram accounts created by ill-wishers;

Defective or unsuccessful electronic transfer of data, technical impossibility to register for the game due to circumstances beyond the Organiser’s control; failure of the communication channel, independently of the reason regarding equipment, systems, networks, lines, satellites, servers, devices or suppliers, used in relation to the game; failure to access or unavailability of internet or of the web page, or a combination of both; failure of the site system or the Instagram Platform; loss of data of registered participants due to technical or other unpredictable reasons and/or other force majeur circumstances;

Organising, presentation, carrying out and rules of the game are in no manner controlled or managed by Instagram Inc.;

Instagram Inc. does not provide prizes and shall not be held responsible for determining the results of the campaign.


  1. Other terms

The terms and conditions of each game that takes place on the page, shall be published and available on the Instagram page of Bulgaria Air in a comment under the relevant game. By participating in the game, every participant accepts these Terms and Conditions and agrees to comply with all the deadlines and requirements of the game.

The Organiser reserves its right to to modify and amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any amendment shall enter into force as of the date of their publication.

By participating in the game, the participants grant their consent for the Ograniser to process their personal data for the purposes of the organisation of the game, incl. to disclose the data to third parties, engaged in the organisation of the game. All personal data shall be collected, processed and stored in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. By participating in the game, every participant declares that part of the data they submit is personal data and is protected by the Personal Data Protection Act and they grant their consent for the Ograniser or third parties (partners and/or contractors of Bulgaria Air AD) to process their personal data. Each participant reserves their right to withdraw from the game before providing their personal data.

Users are not allowed to post comments with unethical or immoral content, contrary to good manners, to use vulgar or offensive words, to post comments which provoke and/or promote hatred or any other behaviour which is prohibited by law, to post comments which violate the Protection Against Discrimination Act, to post comments which contain open or hidden advertising of competitive products, religious or political symbols or messages. BULGARIA AIR AD shall dissociate itself from such acts and shall keep its right to ban from participation any user whose behaviour violates these Terms and Conditions, as well as to erase such posts/comments.

The winners in the game hereby agree to participate in the advertising activities following the end of the game, and the Organiser reserves the right to use participants’ data such as: name, address, photographs, audio or video recordings, for the purposes of public promotion.

By submitting the participation form for the game, every participant grants consent and provides to the Organiser, free of charge, the right to publish the names and photographs of the winners on the official Instagram page of Bulgaria Air.

The Organiser reserves its right to terminate or end the game at any stage by informing the participants on the official Instagram page of Bulgaria Air. All participants shall be considered informed as soon as the Organiser publishes a relevant post.

The Organiser reserves its right to terminate the game and/or to disqualify any participant/s due to suspected abuse, circumvention or violation of these Terms and Conditions, or if any other circumstances impose termination/ending of the game.

Any disputes that may arise between the Organiser and any participant/s shall be solved by negotiation, or, if inapplicable, according to the usual legal proceedings in the Republic of Bulgaria.

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