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Thank you for choosing to fly with our airline company!
We have the pleasure to offer you a wide variety of products, carefully selected especially for you - the passengers of Bulgaria Air. This season you have the chance to purchase your favorite scents and gifts for your acquaintances at very attractive prices. The quality of products is guaranteed by the manufacturers of the famous international brands.
Our cabin crew will be glad to help you make your choice.

Sky Shop offers you a truly exclusive service: you can make your order of an item in advance to make sure that it will be delivered on board and reserved especially for you. The order can be made online at the Bulgaria Air site: or e-mail: This service doesn't requires payment in advance and is free, but it is desirable to be made out 24 hours before the flight.

All prices listed in this catalog are per one article and payment in euros.
Payments are accepted in other currencies BGN, GBP, USD and CHF. Information about the exact amount you can get immediately before the purchase, exchange rate is determined according to the last update made by Bulgaria Air of BNB fixings. We accepted payments with credit cards - MasterCard and VISA. The maximum amount for purchase by credit card of one passenger is 200 €. Purchase by credit card require the presentation of your personal ID.

Please read the rules for import valid for your destination and mostly for category tobacco and alcohol.

Description of the part of stocks:
EU (European) - sales for the EU flights only
DF (Duty Free)- sales for none EU flights only

Member States of EU:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, sometimes you may not find some of the products due to stocks of or limited space on board.
Please accept our apologies!
Please note that the purchased goods can not be exchanged or returned to the board. For additional information on warranty conditions and for Claim of defective product, you can contact us at the following address: Bulgaria Air, Sofia Airport, 1 Brussels Blvd., 1540 Sofia, to Duty-free Trading Dpt. or e-mail:

Please send your comments, suggestions and objections on е-mail:

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