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Plan your trip to/from Varna with Bulgaria Air!



Plan your trip to / from Varna with Bulgaria Air!

  • One-way ticket: Sofia - Varna or Varna - Sofia 25 EUR *
  • Rоund-trip ticket: Sofia - Varna - Sofia or Varna - Sofia - Varna 50 EUR *

Travel period: September 8 - October 30  

Sale period: September 8 - October 24

The indicated prices include:

  • all fees;
  • 1 piece of hand baggage up to 10 kg + 1 handbag / laptop **;
  • free check-in.

    Bulgaria Air offers:
  • Up to four flights a day between Sofia and Varna;
  • Possibility to go and return within the day;
  • Convenient transfer connections with our flights to and from many European destinations.

* Prices are valid if there are vacancies in the promotional class.

* Depending on the issuer of the ticket, a fee may be added for its issuance.
** Checked baggage can be added and paid for before the flight at the airport or at the ticket issuer's office. Price of the first piece of luggage up to 23 kg 15 euros one way.

In order to ensure greater security and personal peace, our passengers can take advantage of additional services

- Choice of a seat with more space;
- Choice of a seat closer to the exit;
- Reservation of an adjacent seat;
- Upgrade to business class.

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