Bulgaria Air enjoys the reputation of a reliable partner in organizing and performing ad-hoc charter flights and charter chains in many countries all over the world. Currently the company serves over 60 leading tour operators, air transportation brokers, airlines and other companies of the aviation and tourist industries, performing charter flights to over 80 destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia.

In 2008 more than 350 000 passengers were transported under charter programs and 7 aircraft were made available on operational lease (ACMI) terms to other carriers.

The team at Bulgaria Air guarantees the highest standards of service by offering:

  • analysis of requests and professional consultation concerning their most effective fulfilment
  • providing a wide selection of aircraft types of a capacity from 26 to 180 seats with a view of achieving an optimal price/quality ratio
  • providing a range of additional on-board services for meeting fully the needs of the customers
  • drawing up of offers of ad hoc charter operations within 24 hours
  • obtaining of all documents and permits required for the flights
  • comprehensive assistance at each stage of the flight progress in case of encountering problems

Each client is welcome to request a charter flight online, by completing a request with initial information or by contacting the team of Bulgaria Air:

Tеl: + 359 2 40 20 309

Fax: +359 2 98 40 243


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