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 All passengers of Bulgaria Air are entitled to free carriage of checked baggage (in the aircraft baggage compartments) and of cabin baggage on-board. The free allowances for number and types of baggage may vary depending on the travel class (business or economy) or of the type of aircraft, whereby the flight will be performed. Baggage transportation on regular lines also conforms to a number of general rules, which you need to keep in mind.


Bulgaria Air introduces its new rules for baggage carriage on its destinations for all tickets, issued on / after 02 May 2011. The new policy, PIECE CONCEPT, is based on the quantity, weight and dimensions of the checked-in baggage. 


Each passenger has the right to transport in the aircraft free of charge baggage, as follows:

1. General Terms – International and Domestic flights:


Booking Class

Terms for free of charge baggage

Business Class

2 pieces – max. to 23kg.and to 158 cm. each one

Economy Class

1 piece– max. to 23kg.and to 158 cm.






2. Exceptions:



Gold Card FLY MORE

2 pieces – max. to 23kg.and to 158 cm. each one

For tickets paid with Visa Platinum card by CCBank

2 pieces – max. to 23kg.and to 158 cm. each one

For tickets paid with Co-branded Card

Bulgaria Air / CCBank

2 pieces – max. to 23kg.and to 158 cm. each one

Members of CCBank Club Program

Free bag allowance- 2 PC - 23 kg еach.
Third piece charge applies for next one.


2 pieces – max. to 23kg.and to 158 cm. each one

Infants from 0-2 years old

1piece – max. 10 kg and to 115 cm.

Infants from 0-2 years old – the transportation of baby strollers is free of charge, but it is mandatory to hand them over/to receive  right before embarkation/ disembarkation at the aircraft

* The airline shall not be responsible for damages as a result of transportation on the baggage belts, in case the stroller has not been  handed over/received at the aircraft.

International flights

For flights to/from Moscow and drom/to Sankt Peterburg free ski/snowboard equipment

- Ski equipment: one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles, one pair of ski boots;

- Snowboard equipment: one snowboard, one pair of snowboard boots.

For flights to/from Tel Aviv

- Free transportation of skis, water skis, snowboard and golf equipment during


The maximum allowed size is the sum of external length, height and width of the baggage / l+h+w/. The passenger can transport more than the free of charge terms for an additional charge.


Please note that all tickets paid online, by phone or at the offices of the airline with the co-branded credit card Bulgaria Air and CCB (Classic, Visa Platinum and Visa Gold) are entitled to two pieces of luggage 23 kg each.

If the tickets are paid through the company's website, please contact us on phone +359 2 4020 400 or email us on to reissue the ticket entitled to two pieces of free luggage.

In case you possess Fly More gold card or you are member of the "CCB Club" program, after purchase is necessary to contact our representative for reissuing of the ticket entitled to two pieces of luggage.

Important! The owners of Fly More and "CCB Club" gold card and the tickets paid with co-branded card Bulgaria Air and CCB and Visa Platinum card from CCB are entitled to two pieces of baggage only for flights performed by "Bulgaria Air ".


3. Extra Baggage Fees – International Flights:


Heavier baggage-between23kg.and 32kg.

EUR 50

Bigger baggage-between158- 203cm.

EUR 70

Additional piece–second baggage up to23kg.x158cm.

EUR 50

Additional piece–third baggage up to23kg.x158cm.

EUR 100

4. Extra Baggage Fees – Domestic Flights:


Heavier baggage-between23kg.and 32kg.


Bigger baggage-between158- 203cm.


Additional piece–second baggage up to 23kg.x 158cm.


Additional piece–third baggage up to 23 kg.x 158cm.



Baggage with weight of more than 32kg is subject to Cargo transportation


5. Special Category Baggage:


Sport Equipment                                           

It is considered as piece of baggage with maximum dimensions up to 23 kg. and 200cm.


-International flights:

Pair of ski/snowboard for passenger–fixed fee of EUR30 is applied.

-Domestic flights:

Pair of ski for passenger–fixed fee of EUR20is applied.


Transport of firearms and ammunition is carried out according to the requirements of the International Air Transport Association /IATA /.

Transport of firearms and ammunition other than sporting weapons and ammunition is prohibited.

In some cases, the transport of firearms and ammunition for hunting and sporting purposes may be allowed. The passenger should contact Bulgaria Air and provide information on the type of weapon, its serial number and the munitions, which will be introduced into the reservation system. All firearms and ammunition will be accepted only as luggage to be transported in the trunk of the plane and not in any case in the lounge with passengers. They must be suitably packed separately and the weight of the ammunition should not exceed 5 kg.

The passenger should have all documents required by law and regulations applicable to transportation for the particular state.

Bulgaria Air reserves the right to refuse transportation of firearms and ammunition.

- Hunting rifles and cartridges – set up to 15 kg – € 50 fee

- Hunting rifles and cartridges – a total weight of over 15 kg – € 70 fee

- Short firearm (pistol) – transportation fee of € 20

Hunting rifles and cartridges are regarded as one piece of registered luggage and are charged with one-time fee for service. This type of luggage is not included in the free rate and the fee is applied regardless of whether the passenger has other checked-in luggage.

Pets in the aircraft cabin /PETC/. Maximum weight of the pet and cage up to 8kg

Maximum dimensions of the cage – 48x35x22cm.

Only dogs and cats are allowed

Is not included in the free of charge baggage norm

Fee of EUR50is applied.

Animal in the baggage compartment /AVIH/. Maximum weight of the animal and container – 32kg.

Maximum dimensions of the container – 80 x 74 x 64 cm.

Is not included in the free of charge baggage norm.

Fee of EUR80is applied.


*Bulgaria Air does not accept for carriage alive animals to and from United Kingdom.

*If travelling with an animal/dog or cat/, please be advised to contact the airline at the moment of purchase your ticket, because if there is no request, the carriage of the animal could be refused.   


HAND/CABIN BAGGAGE– 1piece –up to 10kg.

Dimensions–up to 55x40x20cm., with maximum sum of all dimension up to 115cm.  

For code-share flights with Bulgaria Air and other partner airlines in the route can be applied other baggage policies. 

Forbidden items for carriage with registered baggage

  • Documents, keys, cash, travel cheques, credit and debit cards, treasury bills;
  • All types of jewelry, precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones;
  • Electronic and technical gadgets and accessories for them, such as: computers, cameras, cell phones and others like;
  • All types of bottled gas under pressure;
  • Dangerous chemicals;
  • Antiques and work of art;
  • Fragile and perishable goods;
  • All baggage that is not properly packed can be damaged during air transportation;
  • All items that are forbidden of the law of the some countries from, through and to which the passenger is flying;
  • All items that by their nature, type, shape or smell can damage the aircraft, passengers, other baggies or the service employees.

Hand Baggage Carriage Rules

Each passenger of Bulgaria Air has the right to carry one piece of hand baggage with maximum dimensions of 55x40x23 and weight of up to 10kg. The dimensions differ depending on the type of aircrafts that the airline company operates. Further information can be provided during ticket purchase. In case that passenger’s baggage does not conform to the size and weight standards, it will be carried as registered baggage. If the baggage is heavier than the set norms it will be charged as overweight baggage. Except of the allowed hand baggage, in the aircraft’s cabin the following items are allowed:

  • Canes or Crutches;
  • Books and newspapers for in-flight reading.

Additional Restriction for Hand Baggage Items

According to European directive, dated November 2006, passengers may carry liquids, gels and aerosols in packages of 100ml. All of them must be packed in separate transparent plastic back with volume not bigger than 1 litter. The restrictions are applicable for all types of gels, tooth paste, shaving foam, creams and shampoos. Exceptions are only permitted for infant meals and drugs, needed during actual flight. Liquids bought at the airport free-shops must be packed and sealed in a transparent package at the shop. 

Compound of weight

Compound of the allowed norm is not allowed. If you need transport in the lounge of large fragile items/eg.musical instruments/, they shall be extra charged. Please contact our Call Center before purchasing a ticket to specify your conditions.


Claims for delayed, lost or damaged luggage - e-mail:




You must report any damage or partial loss of the contents of the baggage upon arrival at the relevant airport to the Lost & Found Office before clearing Customs. Lost & Found will make a Damage report.

In case of damaged baggage you may take your suitcase and the originals of all the documents related to your travel to “Svetla” shop, which is located at Orlov Most (33 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd). At the shop your suitcase will be repaired or an expert assessment will be made; in case repairs are impossible, you will be offered a similar model. The shop is open from 10:00 till 19:00, Monday through Saturday.


If you do not select a suitable case from “Svetla” shop, you will be given a written statement which you must send with your written claim either by mail to the address of the Aviation company, or to e-mail:


Claims should be accompanied by the following original/scanned documents:


  • Damage Report;
  • Statement on impossibility of repairs;
  • Boarding passes;
  • Baggage tag/s;
  • Bank account/IBAN/SWIFT CODE;
  • Claim.


You are kindly requested to send your WRITTEN CLAIM accompanied by the original documents required by registered mail with return receipt to the address shown herein below within 7 days of issuance of the Damage report.




You must report the absence of your baggage upon arrival at the relevant airport to the Lost & Found Office before clearing Customs. Lost & Found will make a Property Irregularity Report - PIR.

You are kindly requested to send your written claim accompanied by the original documents required by registered mail with return receipt to the address shown herein below, or the scanned documents via e-mail:, within 21 days of issuance of the Property Irregularity Report - PIR.


 Claims must be accompanied by the following original documents:

  • Property Irregularity Report – PIR;
  • Boarding passes;
  • Baggage tag/s;
  • Receipt for payment of excess baggage fee (if any);
  • Bank account/IBAN/SWIFT CODE;
  • Claim.


For more information please visit our web page at /section ABOUT YOUR FLIGHT/.


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